School Physical Education in Canada

The winners of the rseq – 2019 season have been announced

The winner of the 2019 season is now unveiled in Quebec, December 7, 2019 - the annual D1 and D1b junior school football banquet was held on Saturday at St. Jean euz high school.In the evening, vital offers scholarships totalling $3700, as well as various academic awards and [...]

Nwtss - annual Jamie Shaw tourney tips closed

Directed by John toning, the center of F.H. Collins warriors, Maren Bilsky, salutes her teammates during the second annual Jamie Shaw Memorial game held by F.H. on Thursday afternoon. Annual Jamie Shaw Turney tip group photo is an electrical atmosphere in the F.H. Collins stadium

Ssnl 2019 Indoor Football Championship

Ssnl women's Indoor Football Championship AAA AAAA gold Mealey mountain collegiate Gonzaga high school silverSt. Kevin high school [...]

Ssnl boys' Volleyball Championship 2019

Ssnl boys Volleyball Championship gold and silver bronze a Conrad Fitzgerald college Bonnie Bay College Grandy River College AA Smallwood college Canon Richards Memorial King's College AAA Jane Collins college Jens haven Memorial Heritage College AAAA Clarenville high school o'donel corner Brooke area high school 2019 ssnl boysVolleyball and MVP award boy [...]

Ssnl 2019 women's Volleyball Championship

A Grady's River collegiate gill Memorial College Lake Melville high AA King academy Lakewood academy AAA Leo Burke academy heritage collegiate AAAA Corner Brook regional high Clarenville high Elizabeth queen regional highVolleyball and MVP award girl [...]

Ysaa super volleyball

Congratulations on the 2019 super volleyball champion!Super volleyball MVP: Emma Boyd and Griffin Bisson team girl winner Girl Game Boy winner boy gamer FHC vs PCSS PCSS PCSS 3-0 ilianna stehelin, Maya Cairns Locke PCSS 3-0 Cameron ryees, Griffon Bisson Vanier vs PCSS Vanier 3-2 Amelia Stewart, Payton mountain PCSS 3-1 [...]

Yukon students try Arctic movement

Photo by John toning - above: two students compete in arm stretches during the Arctic inter school competition in Vanier on Thursday.On November 29, 2019, Yukon students try Arctic sports. The gymnasium of Vanier middle school is a busy place. Students in grades 5-7 give their school colors [...]

The 2019 ysaa Volleyball Championship

Level 7 men's and women's volleyball champions must check out glacier's inspiring pep rally on YouTube!John Mayer, the champion of beatings, was shot in the first hand by John Maynard

CIAAA sports directors meeting - log in now

Click here for meeting information

BCSS 2019 Football Championship

BCSS 2019 men's Football Championship AAA Lord tweedsmuir high school vs vanoucer college, 0-45 AA Langley school vs Vernon high school, 14-43 joint venture AA John Barsby community school vs G W Graham middle school, 0-7 joint venture AAA Lord tweedsmuir middle school vs mount Douglas middle school, grades 21-41 8 [...]

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