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Rseq - student sports headquarters

[appeal to all] student sports home [appeal to all] Based on the concept of "student athletes of the week," we would like to emphasize that members of our student sports community are risking safety every day to enable us to maintain our basic services, health and nutrition,Wait. We think [...]

Ssnl fan choice - vote now

Fans choose bracket * * update: scroll to the bottom of this page to see the teams * * you ask us, we listen.In the next two weeks, we will be running ssnl fans to choose the bracket!Just like hoopla stands, we have banners of fans' choice waiting for champions!So unite your fans, [...]

ISF leisure activities

We are very happy to share with you the results and videos of ISF holiday activities.At the same time, he called on the president of ISF to stay in the school for sports.Over the next few days, he was joined by four Olympians, Valentina

Nbiaa-asinb fall deadline

ASAA – submit video to bealightalberta

Years of skill development, physical training and leadership practice should culminate in Championships or other commemorative events.But the spring movement doesn't end the way anyone thinks they will.Students in grades 10 and 11 may have another opportunity to pass on their skills to their school team next year, but students in grade 12 are [...]

Message from ASAA sports Commissioner to athletes, coaches and graduate students

A note from our Rugby Commissioner shows: on May 14, 2020, click here to see our boy Rugby Commissioner Brent Goff's special note.Our team's handball specialist's note shows: May 6, 2020, click here to see our team's handball specialist Kate greabeel's special instructions.

Ofsaa timeout Podcast

Roy Lana is one of the most influential figures in Canadian basketball.He fully considered the rewards of teaching high school basketball at C.W. Jeffries and Oriental Business School.He started teaching in high school at the age of 24, but didn't look back.Lana insisted, "willing to take risks!"In [...]