School Physical Education in Canada

The 37th cseq academic excellence ceremony

The 37th CQN Academic Excellence Award

On June 3, rseq crowned 37 winners.(e)The QSEN academic excellence party was held in the perspective room of Montel al Science Center.

The event was a great success with more than 200 participants.We are also honored to welcome Mr. David heutel, director of the QSEN board of directors.That night, Mario Martel, the newly retired sports director of triolet high school, was awarded the board of directors' Honor Sablon.

This is tonight's winner.

1. The sixth grade girl students who have the best coordination between physical education and learning

Ma Ë VA dubuc | Notre Dame | private school | rseq mauricie

Marva is a very dedicated student athlete this year.She was always the first to organize balloon hunting or football games on the playground.She also took part in various school sports, such as cheerleading and cross-country sports. She practiced mini basketball with the school's men's basketball team and was on the bench with Benjamin.There's always a way to move her!

2. The sixth grade boy with the best coordination of physical education and learning

Jacob haldeda | beacon field school | Marguerite bourgeoys School Service Center | rseq lac Saint Louis

Jacob is good at all the sports he does.Whether it is football, volleyball, basketball, flag football or extreme sports, he has strong learning skills.With the appreciation of his peers, he always responds to various sports activities.His resilience has made him a more comprehensive athlete, which we can certainly continue to find in his high school career.

3. Primary schools that contribute the most to the development of community sports activities

Montane Park school | gatino | Ottawa portages School Service Center | Ottawa rseq

Are there extracurricular activities for primary schools in Ottawa, whether it's a tournament, a league tournament or a rseq activity?Count this mountain park school!She turned a deaf ear to any initiative that would bring her children into action.For example, only at the level of rseq activities, cross-country, mini five-a-side, track and field, mini volleyball and so on have been established.

4. The middle school which contributes the most to the development of community sports activities

L'escale middle school | Louisville | Roy Road School Service Center | rseq mauricie

L'escale secondary school is committed to banning smoking and smoking.The agency is dedicated to sports and has held no less than 11 games this season.The agency has also maintained physical activity by organizing many daily sports activities at noon and after school, despite the difficulties caused by the epidemic.

5. Excellent female coach

Catherine thibaudeau | basketball | Le Bois é high school | rseq eastern town

Katherine tibondo had a very good season with her different teams this year, and two of them had a perfect season with 10-0 in the regular season.In addition to sports performance, she also actively participated in the practice of basketball, and built a bridge between primary and secondary school courses by supervising the mini basketball activities in primary and secondary schools.Katherine has participated in a variety of meetings related to her basketball players, including her physical and mental preparation, as well as her mental and physical preparation.

6. Excellent male coach

Christian deshaies basketball Amos high school rseq abitibi-t é miscamingue

Christian is a coach whose core values are communication and teamwork.Nevertheless, as the head of the four D1 teams in the school, he still spent a lot of time organizing team meetings and direction discussions, and having one-on-one meetings with athletes to set goals and track progress.As a coach, he is committed to constantly improving himself, including the psychological preparation part in his annual plan and preparing himself by attending three psychological performance meetings.

7. Excellent women's high school team in the third district

Ultimate flag youth football keranna high school rseq mauricie

The last season of kaina high school was a fantastic one, with nine victories and no setbacks. The opponents scored 213 points to 0 points.In addition to their performance in the game, some of the players in the team have also attracted attention off the court because they are actively involved in the development of youth sports and participate as coaches or assistant coaches in order to take over one day.

8. Senior high school excellent men's level 3 team

Raquelon | Benjamin basketball | ekor Jean de breibev | rseq Quebec - Jodie abalaches

L'aquillon was at the top of the D3, first in the regular season, and won the old Lorette championship in this category. It was an extraordinary season.In the Benjamin D3 regional championship, the team won the highest honor and won the silver medal in the provincial championship.Players also spend time training, refereeing or scoring on various occasions throughout the year.

9. Excellent first or second level team

Blizzard | men's hockey M18 D1 | San Francisco Seminary | rseq Jodie abalaches, Quebec

Blizzard is synonymous with the success of this season.The team ranked first in the Eastern Division with 19-4-5.In addition, Blizzard also won the LHPs M18 D1 challenge, M18 D1 challenge and Eastern series, and ended the dream year with no less than the provincial champion banner.

10. Female middle school students with academic and sports perseverance

Emilie dalle | kindergartens | private educational institutions | rseq in East Guangzhou

On the contrary, Emily's diagnosis is not limited to a spectrum of autism.She joined the Benjamin women's D4 basketball team, where she quickly won the respect of her teammates and became an important part of the team.She is a fan of the sport and never misses the opportunity to hone her skills.Despite the noise, she made remarkable achievements.Emily kept walking out of her comfort zone, and through exercise, she found herself free from the burden.

11. Middle school male athletes with academic and sports perseverance

Alex Baril | l'escale high school | Chemin du Roy School Service Center | rseq mauricie

Alex has had a challenging year, especially in terms of health.Because it's hard to sit in the classroom all day, he puts all his energy into playing hockey, which is a sport he is very good at.However, he had to miss most of the season, especially because of an operation.He didn't want to jeopardize his school year or move on. He showed great resilience and recovered quickly.He finally accepted a new challenge and took part in the school's future challenge in May.

12. People who contribute most to the development of healthy lifestyle in the environment

Jimmy deraps | water school | patriot School Service Center | rseq Mont é R é Gie

Jim drapps has been focusing on all healthy lifestyle programs to stimulate and motivate his students.He was trained in pr1mo, where his students participated in the "my chew" challenge, the sports season and iso-active, and used fitness programs in primary schools.For him, all young people must find their own value in sports.That's why the gym is reserved for extracurricular activities every semester.It's important for Jimmy to show several aspects of sports: inclusiveness, participation and competitiveness.

13. Fifth grade female athletes with the best coordination of sports and learning

Isabella iannotti | Durocher Saint Lambert College | private educational institutions | rseq Mont é R é Gie

Isabella likes young people and gives the next one back.At the same time, she served as a referee in the junior high school twice a week.At the same time, she was also a free player of D1 junior volleyball team. After a challenging season, she ended her year with the title of provincial champion.

14. The fifth grade male athlete with the best coordination of sports and learning

Liam SIMAR | multifunctional Bay | Hekou School Service Center | north coast rseq

For Liam, sport is a way of life.He practices hockey, running, cross-country, mountain biking, weightlifting, basketball, cross-country skiing, but especially in track and field.At the age of 16, there was a lot of achievement.His latest: he broke the 40 year regional record at his regional throwing Championships, when he ran 51.49 meters.Liam is a natural leader. He is a versatile prime minister. He has received NCCP track and field training and can train young people.

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